Harley-Davidson (10 January 2016 by Spicy Hit)

Cost: $ 1 million

If you are a crazy billionaire and you love bike riding more than anything else in the world, then this is the perfect bike for you. Designed by Jack Armstrong is this exclusive and most expensive Harley-Davidson bike. It goes to a whooping one million U.S. dollars that can shake your pocket.

Well, with this price, it is very obvious that it has a lot to offer. The powerful six-cylinder engine will give you a lightning fast speed. The best thing about this bike is its design and style. The bike has a color on the body that gives it a unique look.

So if you have this bike, then do not be shocked if people start to recognize you as a “guy with $ 1 million Harley-Davidson”. $ 1 million Harley-Davidson is known as the most expensive bike in the world.